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Entry #21

i see.

2012-05-24 23:49:23 by LittleMissVixen

everytime i come on here i am overwhelemed with a feeling of "oh god why"


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2012-05-25 12:40:15

Hey there!

LittleMissVixen responds:

i feel old now :(


2015-01-02 19:51:59

Well, in my case, it's habit. And yeah, I get that 'why the hell am I farting around here' feeling a lot. But then you watch or see or hear something fantastic, that took someone either a few minutes or months of hard work to make... and all they want is for someone to acknowledge it, ya know?

Oh, uh maybe check out some of my audio favorites sometime, maybe you'll find something :) To me, the audio portal has always been the pits to search through :\