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Fuck yea!

2010-04-13 02:03:20 by LittleMissVixen

It's the muthafuckin sppppprinnnnnnnnggggg.
Time to break out my short shorts, roll a big j and go on a hike through nature.


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2010-04-13 03:43:48

Spring is my favorite season. Nothing better than a sunny day out with a gentle breeze.

Heaven on Earth.

LittleMissVixen responds:

you should take a nature walk sometime.
i do it all the time.
fuckin so legittttttt.


2010-04-13 04:08:20

Ahh I live in a rural area and I'm outside quite a bit, actually.

I even have my own pond to swim/fish in as well as an awesome zipline going over it. We just got it like a week ago, so I'm kind of whoring out the fact I got it lol

It's really fun to zip across and let go, falling into the water. I honestly live for Spring/Summer. Fall is pretty cool too, but I really don't like Winter in the least.

Lol I talk too much.

LittleMissVixen responds:

that's so amazing!
but is it really warm enough to be doing these things? like falling into water?
just askin


2010-04-13 07:33:30

I'm starting to miss Winter.

LittleMissVixen responds:

why is that?


2010-04-13 10:10:59

Im in Australia so its just starting to get cold here.

LittleMissVixen responds:

boooo :(


2010-04-13 10:27:09

Spring is nice but Fall is much better, imo. :)

LittleMissVixen responds:

fall is prettier,
spring is more fun.


2010-04-13 15:23:24

AKA: Mostly every weekend of my life. < 3 my area.

LittleMissVixen responds:

sooo jealous :(
i went for a run today along the river that goes behind my house... it's just not the same now that there's all these highways and roads around it


2010-04-13 17:20:54

Yeah, I live in the States- Iowa to be exact and it has been 60+ for more than 2 weeks now. Some days reaching like high 70's, so it has been really nice outside.

I love walking around places I've never been, exploring is so much fun.


2010-04-14 02:58:36

It's pretty obvious that you have spring fever in you. :)

LittleMissVixen responds:

obviiiiiiii :)


2010-04-14 19:07:59

Hence the <3ing of my area. Gloucester (and even more viciously, the village I live in within Gloucester) fights shitty developments. So I've got great waterfronts to run by, awesome woodsy parks to run by, and tons of great biking.

PLUS, MA decriminalized ganja more overwhelmingly than we elected Obama president.